Artist • Author

It all started with a book! Over 20 years ago, Susie Augustin wrote and illustrated a mermaid book for her 3-year-old niece, Taylor. The book went through several story and illustration revisions, and was initially self-published and printed at home. Susie started an art business, Mermaid Studios, and sold the book and mermaid paintings at Huntington Beach Art-a-Faire. 

At the same time, Susie was evolving in her career in the beauty industry - from makeup artistry and permanent makeup to sales and education for professional brands, with the past decade as marketing copywriter and brand development for multi million dollar beauty brands. This focus on outer beauty actually led to her writing inspirational books focused more on just the opposite - inner beauty, personality and following your passion (Sexy, Fit & Fab series). She speaks to women's groups and leads workshops on vision boards and brand boards, teaches writing workshops based on her Writing to Wow! book, and published new authors. Her books are all Amazon bestsellers and have won several awards.


With success with books, Susie decided to go back in and make a few more changes to the mermaid book, republished and launched it on Amazon in 2016 (this time as a gift for her niece's college graduation - this just shows, it's never too late to be fabulous!). This book hit #1 on Amazon hot new releases, winner of Beverly Hills Book Awards for book cover design (children's picture books) and finalist for picture books (ages 4-8).

Living at the beach in Southern California... the ocean was calling! Luring her back into a world of glam mermaids and swaying palm trees, Susie's been nonstop with her paint brushes and creativity. She's excited to launch her new collection of paintings with a true beach vibe!