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We hear and use inspirational quotes all the time - “good vibes” “think positive” “be the energy you want to attract” - and we do our best to live by it.

Many of us practice this daily through our morning routines of meditation, prayer, journaling, earthing/being in nature, yoga, salt baths, smudging. I personally use art and creativity to boost my energy and vibration, as well as beach walks and playing in the ocean.

But did you know that you can raise your vibration by raising your frequency on an even higher energy level?

During a visit with my friend Cathy Wilson at her healing practice Life Upgrade 4 U, I was treated to a sensory overload, in all the right ways. The diffuser of palo santo essential oil was cleansing and made me feel like I left my troubles at the door, the walls and shelves were covered in colors, cool artwork and positive messages, and the atmosphere so relaxing.

Cathy filled me in on all of the unique services she provided and I asked her, of all her healing tools and modalities, what is her favorite?

“Vibrational Sound Therapy. A VST session is like a total body reset. It harmonizes all of the energy within the body. Vibration clears out stuck energy and toxins, allowing healing to start, and naturally raises your frequency.”

I want some of that! I really wanted to know more, and had so many questions for Cathy and her healing therapies that I turned my visit into an interview. Cathy was very generous with her time and treated me to a VST session. I’ll share my experience at the end, and let me tell you, I saw Jesus! I’m also planning on trying out all of her offerings and am booking my appointments.


SA: First, let’s take a look at your qualifications and certifications.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST).

Cathy, you do so much and have an impressive bio. Can you describe overall what your clients (and I) will get when we experience a session with you?

CW: You’ll discover answers and acquire relief from whatever is holding you back in life and keeping you from being your absolute best and healthiest. You deserve to erase the struggle inside and stop living in the past. Learn to live in the now and start enjoying your life each and every day!

SA: What a great way to live. Which healing tool do you suggest for clients who are new to this and want to get started in living their best life?

CW: As I mentioned before, I love the bowls. Vibrational sound therapy is different from sound bowls. Vibrations go into the body.

The client lays down on table and relaxes - face up or face down for 45 minutes.

I always ask first, “What is your intention today?” I will hold this intention during the session, and you can let your mind go.

On the table, bowls are placed on your meridians. There is a certain sequency on how to strike, it has to be timed perfectly. You will go into deep meditation and relaxation (you may cry, flinch, snore) and release stress or anxiety. This resets your whole body and resonance, it’s detoxifying and good for the immune system, helps with pain, with great sleep after a session. Every session is a different experience.

SA: What is one of your most unique and requested services?

CW: Vibrational Frequency Healing, based on quantum physics. The Healy device is from Germany and is FDA cleared in the USA for arthritis pain.

SA: How does this work?

CW: This is quantum energy for individualized frequencies. I set up a profile in the app with a client’s name, birth date, city and state of where they were born and where they are living now.

I set up a scan on the person, it tells what that person needs at that time. Sends frequencies and vibrations. Vibrational disturbances may reveal an energy disturbance or an imbalance. For example, low energy or overworking. Everything in the world has a vibration and a vibrational number. The Healy will send out a vibration to stimulate something to work in optimal level.

SA: Is this a one-time session?

CW: Our vibration is constantly changing. Most clients like the results they get and want tune-ups. Everyone has specific intentions and I speak the intention to the device.

Healy aura chakra scan is popular, it tells which auras are high and low, which need balancing. There are Bach flower remedies and gem elixers for emotions. It also covers learning cycles and mental balance.

SA: How would you describe your services to your clients?

CW: My number one goal is helping people remove false beliefs about themselves. Health and wellness have to do with what’s going on in our lives. It’s about our beliefs many times.

The VST bowls and Healy help with good vibes, emotions, and peeling back the layers. You feel amazing after both. If you are in a low vibration, you are stagnant or stuck. When you are in a higher vibration, you will do more for yourself.

Bowls will change your vibe!

After a session, you are renewed, reset and have breakthroughs. It is transformational and will pull you out of a funk.

SA: This all sounds fabulous! Let’s go a little deeper. What do you offer to clients that are ready to really do the work to change their lives?

CW: We tap into the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy.

The three main beliefs to almost any and all issues humans have stem from one or a combination of the three beliefs.

1. I’m not lovable

2. I can’t connect/I don’t belong

3. I’m not enough/I’m not worthy

These are very low vibrational beliefs we have about ourselves.

SA: Do we consciously know we feel this way?

CW: This can be revealed in hypnotherapy. The subconscious believes, but is trying to keep it from us, so instead it’ll give us something like anxiety to cover up what’s really hiding underneath. Insomnia can be feeling guilty, the subconscious thinks if it makes you suffer a little, this will get rid of the guilt. Or, subconscious may feel like you are in danger (hearing noises).

During hypnosis, your subconscious is not in control, and that’s why it finally listens to you.

Hypnotherapy also helps us with raising our frequencies to high vibrations.

SA: What do you mean by the subconscious mind?

CW: Subconscious is 95% of everything we do. Its #1 job is to protect you and to keep you alive. We get all our beliefs about ourselves and how life works from the age of 12 and younger. We get the beliefs from the things that happened to us, or our subconscious does. We carry that from how our child’s brain processes these things, and then when we are adults, we have these same beliefs. The subconscious does not know what’s going on around you, it only knows the feelings you get inside your body. The feelings are what creates the beliefs. Our subconscious thinks that it’s helping us.

I use Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy (RTT). Once past experiences come up in hypnotherapy, they go back into the subconscious mind to explain that this is not true. That the experience happened years ago and will never happen again. The subconscious mind is to help and to be on your side (how you want to feel).

After a session, I make a 15-20 minute recording for you to listen to once a day for 30 days. Recording includes all the things the client wants that were shared with me; how they want to feel and what they want to do. This is very specific and makes the new things comfortable. Subconscious likes to do something comfortable, not new. Listen to it every day, make pictures in your mind, making it all comfortable. Results can be found in one or a few sessions; for weight loss and addictions, up to 3 sessions.

SA: Are there other types of hypnosis that appeal to creatives or artists?

CW: Past Life Regression. Creatives usually like exploring this. Their creative thinking draws them into something that is not the norm. They may be more open to feeling ties to things and what makes them drawn to things.

After going through their past life, in the second part of the session, we ask the all-knowing superconscious to come in. You can ask any questions! About yourself, someone else, what you should do about a situation.

Some people can have blocks to revealing things they asked their subconscious to reveal, and this is OK. If a client does not want to talk about it or reveal something, they can say so. This way I can reframe my question about the feelings surrounding something specific (not necessarily about the details). I ask, “How are you feeling inside? Ashamed, scared, mad, not valued, or something else?”

Creatives provide so many details during the session. With their open imaginations, they don’t usually fall into what they should or shouldn’t say. Whatever comes to them, they are more willing to explore it. For instance, they don’t get freaked out, scared, or feel that it’s wrong. They go in knowing they will get value out of their session.

Cathy ended our interview with this piece of advice.

“Raise your vibration and frequency before everything you do!”

As promised, here’s my experience with Vibrational Sound Therapy

In my first VST session, I focused on Creativity. This was a visual experience for me (with my eyes closed) as Cathy placed bowls on my meridians. The colors I saw were white light (holy spirit), yellow, blue and emerald green liquid light. I laughed, I cried. When a bowl was placed on my chest, Jesus came through. I saw him clearly and his messages to me were “God is my source” and “Lamb of God”. I could also see the sun and felt an ocean-like buoyancy.

At the end, I was so relaxed, and Cathy was speechless. You see, I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to talk, and as a matter of fact I talked the whole time and gave a play by play. She said I’m her first client who ever spoke to her during a bowl session. How could I not?!

I was so inspired afterwards that I created the Raise Your Vibration painting for Cathy to go with this blog article - remember, my focus was on creativity.

In my second VST session a few months later, I had a totally different experience. My intentions were very clear.

Have a stronger connection to source, more divine energy, and to balance my health, prosperity, creativity and abundance.

Surprisingly, I didn’t talk this time. I was so relaxed and focused, I felt weightless. My mind went blank as I listened to the beautiful sounds of the bowls. After, Cathy said that so much heat emanated from my body that even the bowls were hot to the touch.

The message that she got for me was “Divine Feminine Energy.”

In a few weeks I’m going back to see Cathy for Past Life Regression hypnotherapy. Maybe we’ll find out if I was a mermaid during the lost civilization of Atlantis!

Ready to Raise Your Vibration?

Book a session with Cathy Wilson, you can check out her services on her website.

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Mar 02, 2022

Amazing post! Cathy’s work sounds phenomenal and I loved getting to learn about it. Your session sounds like it was powerful and I love the painting you did afterwards! 💕

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